Cash Vault

Resembling a bank vault in appearance, patrons try to catch money, coupons (or whatever you're promoting) as it crazily dances about the inner chamber courtesy of a secondary air-circulation system!

Money Machine

Money Machines is 8Lx5Wx5H where participants try to win money or cool games. Always a revenue generator at a carnival or excellent piece for your next Project Graduation.

Clown Striker

Designed especially for small children, the child attempts to ring the bell by striking the base with the rubber mallet provided.

Sombrero Toss

Sombrero Toss challenges the player to toss the sombreros onto one of the three jumping bean characters. This game is colorful, compact and cute.

Ball Bounce

Player drops two balls into box. Matching the same color wins

Ring Toss

Try and loop one of the many pins, land on different colors for prizes. It's harder than it looks. Perfect for carnivals, fundraisers, and large events.

Big Mouth

Players attempt to toss two bean bags into the clown's big mouth.

Roller Bowler

Your guest rolls the bowling ball over the hump and into the win zone. Keep the ball in the win zone without the ball coming back over the hump and win a prize. (6 and older) A fun party game rental idea for school carnivals, church festivals, a birthday party, company picnics or other special events.

Frog Hop

Swing mallet to hit catapult, launching frog into the air. Winner is the one who lands frog on pedestal. A fun game rental party idea for your birthday party, school carnival, church festival, company picnic, special event or fund raiser.

Spill The Milk

Spill the Milk is where you throw balls at the bottles and attempt to knock them over. Prizes are easily won by doing so.

Cover The Spot

Player drops five discs – must cover red circle completely to win.

Stop & Throw

Player tosses 3 wiffle balls. All 3 balls in separate tubes wins.


Your guests receive 3 wiffle balls. Three in a row wins a prize. (all ages game) A fun game rental party idea for any school carnival, fun fair, festival, fund raiser, company picnic or any special event.

Crazy Hat

Take three tries to toss a beanbag into the top of the "Cat in the Hat's" hat! This game is a child’s favorite with its fun graphics and Dr. Seuss theme.