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Slide & Bouncy Inflatables


Beware! This giant gator is on the loose and devouring everything in its path! This monster is over 30 feet long and over 28 feet tall, has razor-sharp teeth, and has jaws powerful enough to crush an SUV... and swallow it whole! Dual lane slides DOUBLE the revenue. This is one of the TALLEST slides in the inflatable industry

16' Wacky Slide

This wacky 16 foot slide will have your guests crazy with excitement!

18' Slide

This larger 18 foot slide is fun for all ages and perfect addition to your next event.

Wacky Jumper

Fun-sized for up to 5 patrons, our Wacky Jumper has a colorful look with unparalleled visibility!


This obstacle course is one of the most challenging units offered by the inflatable industry to date. The Thunder Force offers over 90 feet of obstacle and slide course, ending with the excitement of sliding down a 16 foot tall slide.


This 3 piece obstacle course is definitely a crowd favorite, vibrant with colors and several obstacles.

Rockwall Obstacle Course

This 58 foot Rock Wall Obstacle Course has competitors battle through a challenging obstacle ending with scaling a 16 foot rock wall, great attention getter!

52' Obstacle Course

This obstacle is challenged with tunnels, pop ups and then crawling through a wall until finally racing up and over the 15' wall to the slide.

53' Obstacle Course

This energetic inflatable is fun for all ages with several challenges along the way, sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Backyard Obstacle Course

Want more than a moonwalk, the backyard obstacle course measures 27 feet in length and comes complete with a jumping area, rock climbing wall and for a grand finale a 6 foot tall slide. This small obstacle course comes completely enclosed for safety and is sure to keep the sun off the children!


This 50 foot crawl through is great for school and church events, now equipped with an air mattress so the maze can be used booth indoors and outdoors!

Jungle Maze Unit

Have something completely different and unusual at your next event, a maze! It is perfect for all ages and makes a wonderful addition to any church, school, college or corporate function. The maze has beautiful digital art work on the front of the unit. It also has an arched tunnel where both the entrance and exit reside. The Jungle Maze is full of twists, turns and dead ends. Can you find your way out? This inflatable requires a set up area of 60L x 50W x 10H. We have the Halloween Pumpkin and Winter Wonderland art panels available.

Amazon Zipline

The ONLY mobile zip line in south Texas!! Buckle up for the adventure of your life by propelling down the Amazon for a thrilling, mind-blowing experience. This new inflatable is 70L X 20W X 36H. Staffing is included.

Tiki Rockwall

Reminiscent of the famous Easter Island sculptures, we have captured the tribal spirit with this all-new climbing wall. This unit features actual climb holds that are only found on hard-surfaced climbing walls. We provide an Auto Belay System to safely lower participants safely. Great for INDOOR use! Staffing is included.

Volcano Island

Volcano Island literally seems to erupt with tribal spirit! Features actual climb holds usually only found on hard-surfaced climbing walls! Staffing is included.

Mechanical Bull

This all time mechanical favorite is perfect for Project Graduations, Corporate Events, Hunting and Fishing Shows, etc. Staffing is included.

Galaxy Bull

This Mechanical Bull comes with the body covered in real cowhide; the horns are made from Sofolex™ and also has LED flashing eyes! Great for Project Graduations and fund raisers. Staffing is included.

Jacob's Ladder

This may not be the proverbial "Ladder to Heaven", but it truly is "heavenly" fun to test your skills and to watch as others test their skills! This is a great test of balance, coordination, and perseverance!

Defender Dome

This is Dodge Ball to the extreme! Four players enter the dome and each tries to score points by throwing dodge balls into opponents’ goals while defending his or her own goal. It requires accuracy, timing and stamina but what a ride! Set up your own Defender Dome tournament and see who reigns supreme. Great for a variety of outdoor or indoor events.

Bouncy Boxing

Let's get ready to rumble! The Bouncy Boxing moonwalk combines the high-energy sport of boxing with fun-loving bouncing for one unbeatable game.

Boxing Ring

This interactive unit challenges the boxing skills of those participants who enter the ring. Users are geared up with \ boxing gloves and head gear. This will be a definite crown pleaser at your next event.

Gladiator Arena

This unit is 25’D x 8’H and can used with jousting poles (and of course the head gear) or the kids can use this middle mushroom as a spring board or they can play King of the Mountain. Younger children seem to really enjoy just bunny hopping around the perimeter.


Challenge your friend like the gladiators used to in the Roman Days! Safe for all ages, headgear included.

Double Lane Bungee Run

This interactive is simply “mano e mano”, who can stretch the bungee cord the furthest until the bungee’s strength pulls you backwards.

Sumo Suits

Always a fun challenge for age appropriate participants. Excellent add on for your next Project Graduation or Team Building!

Velcro Wall

This game is sure to leave you “sticking” around for more!

Slam Dunk

This new and state of the art design is perfect for teen lock-ins and Project Graduations....watch the kids run and jump to compete for the greatest DUNK of all times...

2 on 2 Basketball Court

2 on 2 basketball - inflatable style! This 24 foot arena allows for good athletic fun!

Basketball Challenge

The free standing interactive basketball game challenges all ages, children to adults. The unit is 15L x 10W x 10H, perfect for any event!

Baseball Challenge

The ball is suspended by air and you try to hit runs while the ball hovers in the air, great revenue maker!

Mini Sports Challenge

This game is interchangeable for your next sporting event, we have back drops for football, baseball or soccer.

Large Sports Arena

With 3 sports lanes to play it's sure to be 3 times more fun! Perfect for Project Graduations!

Meltdown Zone

Meltdown is our 8 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions.

Not one but two spinning boom arms try to knock you off your podium. You have to duck underneath or jump over the foam boom. Who will be the last one standing?

Demolition Ball 1

Four persons compete to see who can withstand the gauntlet ball, last one standing wins! GREAT for Pro Grads


One of the all past time favorites, just like the board game only some what “inflated”

Human Foosball

This unit features a real life soccer game in the shape of the popular table soccer game, FoosBall. Real life players try to kick the soccer ball into the opposing goal while holding on to sturdy, padded piping, sliding back and forth in their respective rows with their team mate. Ten players total (5 on each team.)


A take off the TV show that has brought us all so many laughs. Contestants start at one end and jump and cling to the first ball. They then have to jump and cling to the next 3 balls and then get to the platform. This must be done within 60 seconds to be a winner.

Jr. Obstacle Course

This wacky-colored Jr. Obstacle is an obstacle perfectly designed for little challengers!

Toddler Crawl Through

Keep the little ones safe and happy with their own Toddler Crawl Through.

Toddler Game

Keep the little ones safe and happy with their own Toddler Game (17' x 14'). Built tough, and designed to allow for adult supervision